What is Veda

Veda consists of 2 parts:  1. Karmakānda which is the section dealing with various action / *karma.  2. Jnānakānda is the end portion of Veda reveals the true nature of the Self. 

There are 4 Veda:  1. Rig-Veda which mantra are having the definite metrical structure.

2. Yajur-Veda which mantra are not having the definite metrical structure, which is in pros form.

3. Sama-Veda which mantra are sung in a particular way.

4. Atharva-Veda which is seen in application of particular ritual.

*4 types of karma mentioned in karmakānda:

1. Vihitakarma which is prescribed duty by Veda.

2. Kāmyakarma  which is desired based action.

3. Nisiddhakarma which is prohibited action.

4. Prāyaschittakarma which is action for neutralising the invisible result of prohibited action.

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